Guns island Guns island was an island of the coast of wales. It was owned by the ingen corporation and was planned to be one of the many jurrasic parks built across the world.A total of 23 dinosaurs were planned but it is unknown if any got there. list of planned dinosaurs 1 tyranosaurus 2 velociraptor 3 dilophosaurus 4 comsognathus 5 coelurus 6 scuttelosaurus 7 allosaurus 8 ceratosaurus 9 pteranodon 10 archaeopteryx 11 quetzlcoatlua 12 scelidosaurus 13 rhamphoryncus 14 acrocanthosaurus 15 ornitholestes 16 dimetrodon 17 ornitosuchus 18 baryonyx 19 styracosuARUS 20 tanystrophes 21 plesiosaurus 22 eoraptor 23 spinosaurus

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